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Guitaring Passionately

From the time I was conscientious about mastery of skills, I sensed a calling within me that was hard to ignore. Back in year 2009, I worked a day job like most people. The calling nudges me closer to music and guitars each day. This passion has no doubt given the initial push but it wasn't the fuel that kept me going.


I started by providing guitar related services to my guitar community. Then, I didn't think my work was at professional level. As such I pursued to grow in this direction.


The progressions of things seem to fit in organically to a point that I was certain about quitting my full-time job. The rest of my journey was largely experimental, nervous, intriguing, frustrating, fun, disoriented and gratifying.


Unbeknownst to me, my capabilities were subconsciously developed from the day I started playing guitar in 1991.


Fixing things for me has been a hobby since young. In dealing with guitar problems, I will undertake them even I may not be familiar in certain procedures thus there were hits and misses.


Learning from one episode to another has elevated and consolidated my capabilities until present days.


An important milestone was learning from Jeffrey Yong. He has taught me skills, knowledge and attitude towards guitars. Jeffrey unreserved sharing has put me in the right place. I was never more certain since.


While passion initiates, it is sheer grit and push that drives me in acquiring a wide range of skills and knowledge.


In responding to the question "What do you do?", I would say,


"To be the leading voice in things about guitars."

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