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Magnetico Series (Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup)

magnetico pickups

Designed for use with acoustic guitars, the M-AG6 compact pickup is designed to fit inside the guitar’s sound hole. It is equipped with a volume control and has an external input (with separate volume control) for connecting to a second pickup.


Two options are avaliable as the second pickup. The S-MIC-M or DYN-AG6.


Sound from both pickups can be blended using the volume controls to create just the right sound for a particular performance or recording.

The M-AG6 system is supplied with an internal Jack cable for fixed installation on the instrument. An external Jack cable is available separately.


It is offered in STANDARD BLACK and LIMITED SERIES wood top finishes.

magnetico pickups

BLACK - Price down from SGD $282.00 to

SGD $240.00

Mitro - Price down from SGD $320.00 to

SGD $270.00


Cocobolo - Price down from SGD $320.00 to SGD $270.00



Battery type: Lithium 3V model CR2032

Playing time: 120 hours

Current consumption: 1.84mA

frequency range: (-3dB) 0 Hz to 40 kHz

Dynamic range: 68 dB SNR

Max output voltage: 4 V

PPOutput level: -5dBu / 1.23 V

PPOutput impedance: 5 kOhm

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