My MonkeyPod Jacaranda JJ Acoustic Guitar

Since my first guided guitar built from Jeffrey Yong in August 2010, I began to take guitar building with greater interest and seriousness.


On November 16, year 2012 I began building another acoustic guitar in Jeffrey Yong's workshop. Nothing was "a norm" in Jeffrey's workshop so I selected a combination of top and side/back woods that haven't been tried before. Intuitively, I used MonkeyPod for top and Indonesia Jacaranda for back/side.


Building a guitar was arguably one of the most humbling experiences to me. There was no doubt in my passion for building guitars. I can safely say that I was totally into it and did my best at every junction.


Despite the enthusiasm and effort, there were many mistakes during the process which some I have been careless and some were due to unconscious incompetence.


While these mistakes could be avoided with higher awareness and sharper skills, I could not have done any better than what I have was capable of. It was like my best didn't matter. It wasn't about how much effort I was willing to put it. I was simply not ready to build at Jeffrey's quality level but I was too proud to acknowledge that.


I wanted this guitar to be on par with Jeffrey's guitars but I have never been so wronged before. My best effort and knowledge weren't good enough regardless my passion.


Eventually, I managed to complete the first ever MonkeyPod/Jacaranda acoustic guitar. It sounded decent and I have comprehended at greater depth about guitar building. It was not what my hands are capable of doing, it was what I was willing to accept as reality.


Overall, the guitar looks was decent and the sound didn't meet expectations. As the builder, I am fully aware of the ups and downs the guitar and I have went through. It will remain in my mind as long as I can remember.


All thanks to Jeffrey for his gracious guidance. Above all, praise God for his blessings and wisdom. The pictures are below,

The basic specifications of my MonkeyPod Jacaranda JJ Acoustic Guitar.


- Back and sides: Hand-selected Highly Figured Jacaranda

- Top wood: Hand-selected Highly Figured MonkeyPod

- Neck: Flame Nytoh

- Fingerboard : Malaysia Blackwood

- Binding: Malaysia Blackwood

- Purfling: Maple and Ebony Wood Lines

- Frets: 22

- Machine heads: Ebony Buttons, Gotoh 510 Tuners

- Neck joint: Bolt-On

- Nut & Saddle: FMI & Bone

- Scale Length: 25 1/2"- Bridge Pins: Brass

- Nut Width: 45mm

- String Spacing at Saddle: 57mm

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