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A 50 years old Yamaha - Reinforcing the Neck Block

Continuing from my last blog entry, after salvaging all critical detached areas, surfaces and parts, it is high time to boast the neck block in its strength and stability.

The above picture shows the reinforcement brace

The neck block is the most important part in relation to the joining of the guitar neck and its body. Through years, it has endured extended amount of stress that might have weakened its overall structure despite the efforts made to re-glue the dislodged parts.

A clamping caul was made to help

Moreover, this was the second time its guitar has been removed. It was necessary to introduce some forms of reinforcement to give this guitar neck block an extension of life-span.

Two videos documentation were done to record the work processes in giving strength to the neck block.

Here are the brief summary of the videos.

1) Part 9 - An additional brace was introduced. It was positioned adjacent to the neck block.

2) Part 10 - The gapping hole on the guitar top was covered up by adding a ply of spruce.

The reinforcement brace was glued in position

The reinforcement brace can be seen from the guitar top

Here are the videos.

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