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Setting Up

Nobody knows better what and how you want with your guitar(s) than yourself. It is a joy to be able to set up your own guitar(s) to the way you like it. In this course, we will enable you.


Course fees

SGD $180/pax


Lacquer Repair

Irritated by nicks and dings on your guitar finish? Restoring finishing is challenging but satisfying. This course will teach you various methods to deal with those blemishes.


Course fees

SGD $250/pax


Saddle Making

A beautifully crafted saddle will surely augment your guitar's aesthetic value. In this course, you will take home several guitar saddles handcrafted by yourself.


Course fees

SGD $250/pax


Fret Wire Works

Frets are important. It ensures accurate tone and pleasure in fretting of various chords. This course covers the tools and methods to completely re-fret a guitar. Prepare to be challenged.


Course fees

SGD $350/pax


Nut Making

Making a guitar nut looks much easier than it really is. We will show why it is so in 4 hours. Once you have done it, you would see guitar nuts with new perspectives.


Course fees

SGD $250/pax


Course Info

 Weekday slots

0900 to 1300hrs or

1300hrs to 1700hrs


0900 to 1300


• Email or text to sign up​

• Full payment at signing up

• No show results in forfeiting 50% of payment

• Conducted at GP Workshop


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