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Pickup Systems

Novel pickup systems never stop entering the market. We are always scouting around for new pickup systems that pack great value in them. Click to see the latest pickups we have instore.

Schertler Products

Founded in 1980 by Stephan Schertler who is also a double bass player, the company has developed its capability in instruments amplifications for the entire range of sensors needed by an orchestra. Honest and authentic to music, Schertler products give what instruments can give, nothing more and nothing less. Schertler brand is also a standard for live performance, broadcast and recording applications.

lamb guitars

A unique blend of excellent factory consistencies and the "hand-tuned" touches of a master Luthier is the essence of LAMB Guitars. The joint effort of Jeffrey Yong and Adam Chan has created production guitars that carry tonal qualities of handmade ones. The value carries by each LAMB Guitars guitar is unmatchable in every way. Drop by to try it and you will be awed.

Guitar parts

We carry a range of guitar parts to fulfill your diverse and ever-changing needs. From Unbleached Bone Nuts & Saddles, Buffalo Nuts & Saddles, Fossilized Mammoth Ivory (FMI) Nuts & Saddles, Bone Bridge Pins, Wood Bridge Pins, and blanks of various materials. We will undertake full installation services to the level of glove-fit. Click picture for more.

Tuning machines

Guitar Tuning Machines are something guitar can't do without. Both functional and beautiful. Enquire for what is in stock.