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Looking back at Guitar Making Class #210628

Adam’s guitar building class was engaging and enjoyable. As a guitar player and aspiring luthier, I’ve always been curious to see the hidden inner workings of the instrument, as well as how the beautiful arches and joints come to be. I finally had the chance to see the build happen up close. Using my hands to contribute to some of the handiwork taught me that even the simple looking tasks require critical thought and refinement through practice. Predictably, I made some small mistakes along the way. But I’m glad to have been given the autonomy to take such risks in the first place. They are lessons in woodworking habits as well as about the attitude of a craftsman that I won’t forget.

For me, I supplemented my time in the class with questions and queries to try and better grasp the implications behind why and how certain things are done a certain way. There is truly much more insight to be discovered beneath the surface of a well-planned process that Adam takes the students through smoothly.

I am thankful to Adam who teaches from experience, and at times challenges me to a query so as to sharpen my thinking. It also helps to keep me alert when the work becomes repetitive. All in all, this class has served as a good starting point for me, and has inspired me to continue on in the craft.

Published with permission

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