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Learning from my Guitar Making Class #190528

My perspectives after completing a guitar making class by AdamCHAN Guitars.

There were ample opportunities for me to be directly involved in building my guitar. The step by step process has allowed me to learn a lot more about the role of each of the components of a guitar plays in contributing to the sound it produces.

Before the course, I just merely played the guitar without really understanding and putting much thought into the various design aspects of it, but through the step by step process of building the guitar, now I have a much better idea of it(in terms of bracing, how the surfaces aren't entire flat, etc.).

In the class, before working on one aspect of the guitar, the concepts and reasonings behind why the feature is constructed that way. Also, many of the questions I had along the way was answered with great knowledge and insight.

My abilities in basic skills like sanding and sawing of wood were called into service. I realised to execute them well were actually much harder to do than they appear at first glance.

Some of my best moment were getting hands on with sanding, glueing the purfling and, seeing it all come together and finally the first strum on the completed guitar.

Above all, the guitar making class is really an exceptional experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. Through it, I also gained a deeper appreciation and love for the guitar as a musical instrument, and am really amazed at the amount of thought and effort put into hand building a great sounding one.

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