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What did student gain from the Guitar Making Class by AdamCHAN Guitars?

In the guitar making class offered by AdamCHAN Guitars, each student would bring home a completed acoustic guitar. From time to time, students are asked to share their perspectives in learning from the class. Herein we hear from the student from class #191205.

The class helped me to understand the structure of the guitar, learning to build it step by step carefully, taking note of the crucial aspects in the making, the tone and the looks. It has given me an overall understanding in setting up my guitar especially in making guitar nut and saddles. Inadvertently, I learned to think out of the box and learn to fix problems. The learnings are applicable to how I live my life as well.

I am no handy man but in the class I have learned to saw, operated a drill press and more. The class exposed me to handling wood in heating, banding and gluing which required practices and skills. I find the finishing process most challenging. I am still unable to do it but at least I got to try it!

These are some best moments for me,

  • the full hands-on woodworking experiences, building the guitar from scratch, wood selection and to playing the completed guitar.

  • selected a set of beautiful guitar wood set which not available in retail shops.

  • learned to set up my own guitar, crafted guitar nuts and saddles. I can perform guitar set up on my own guitars without having to pay for such services.

  • This is the best sounding guitar I ever own. And looks freaking cool.

  • The best moments were affixing a fresh set of strings on it, strumming the first chord and hearing its tone for the first time. Not forgetting that I would be bringing it back home. It feels like getting your final year result after all the hard work! 

I cannot express how grateful and thankful for Adam for imparting, sharing and guiding me through the whole process. It was not easy for me as I am not good at hands-on chores. While contents on internet of guitar making were in abundance they were not all reliable and helpful. Moreover very few trained people in this trade are willing to teach and share. Adam is patience and responsive. He made sure I was able to comprehend the things thought. Given my unpredictable work schedule, he coordinated the classes around my work activities which was very helpful. For what I have gained from the class, the amount of value packed into it was difficult to match. I would have to spend $5k and above for a guitar like this! Thanks Adam for offering this service in Singapore! I am looking forward to my 2nd hand build guitar!

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