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Dehumidifying your guitars - in equatorial countries where the humidity soars above 65% on the average. Guitars are likely to experience excessive "wetness". Your beloved guitar will be dehumidified by GP's invention, the KILN. The only portable guitar dehumidifier that dries your guitar by heat and convection.


Fingerboard Care

Nourish your fingerboard with Lemon Oil - lemon oil is a form of drying oil. It possesses excellent properties in nourishing the fingerboard. A coat of lemon oil on your fingerboard gives lasting moisturizing effects and that leads to newer appearances.


Fret Wires Polishing

Polish your fret wires - the fret wire is constantly exposed to elements that tarnish its surface. Among the many are our fingers, providing grime, grease, sweat and more. Removing these impurities will give an attractive appearance and also a good silky feel when the player's finger make contact with the wire.


A Clean Guitar

Clean up - nobody washes a rental car but everyone will wash their own cars, right? Your guitars will leave GP cleaner than before, nothing less. We believe in holistic treatment, not just selective services.

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