Q1: What guitar repair services do you provide?

The kind of services are as follow, 1) Functional repairs 2) Structural repairs 3) Cosmetic repairs 4) After market parts installation 5) Enhancements Please click here to See Our Work.

Q2: Do you sell guitar accessories?

Yes. However guitar accessories supply isn't our main activities thus the varieties are pretty limited. Please browse our Product page.

Q3: What are some services you DON'T provide?

We DON'T provide the following services, 1) Guitar string changing 2) Sales of guitar strings 3) Guitar playing lessons Please browse our Services.

Q4: How much do you charge?

For full listing on services, please browse Service Fees. For full listing on guitar parts, please browse Parts.

Q5: Do you install acoustic guitar pickup?

Yes. We do. Please browse the acoustic guitar pickups we have in stock. You can provide your acoustic pickup and we will perform the installation according to specifications. Installation fees apply. (See service fees)

Q6: Do you provide strap pin installation?

Yes we do. We supply three types; chrome, black and gold. Strap pins and installation fees apply. (See service fees)

Q7: What are the common services requested?

In no order of merits they are, 1) Guitar set up 2) Acoustic guitar saddle & nut replacements. (Saddle materials available are Bone, Mammoth Ivory & Horn) 3) Acoustic guitar pickup installations 4) Re-glue dislodged acoustic guitar bridge 5) Resolve fret buzzing problems See our work

Q8: My guitar is not expensive. Would repair charges be low as well?

Repair charges are tied to complexities and time taken. It has nothing to do the market value of the guitar in question.

Q9: Do you restore lacquer damages?

This is cosmetic repair. Do note that cosmetic repairs are demanding, tedious and time comsuming. Therefore the charges are not going be low.