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Clients Said

See Kwang Seng - 12 January 2017

Thank you so much Adam.. 

My D15M is sounding great as a result of your setup on it! 

I am loving it! 



Kwang Seng

Lawrence Basapa - 29 August 2016

Dear Adam,


My Fender Custom Shop Hank Marvin signature Strat (No. 2 of 40 made to celebrate Marvin's 40th year in music), which underwent a bit of surgery in your hands to correct the nut a few weeks ago, continues to sound and play better and better.


As you'll recall, it came from the Custom Shop with a rather serious shortcoming in the nut. Your magical touch fixed that handsomely.


I thanked you in person. I now thank you in writing. You did a masterful job.






(You may use this in your website if you so desire.)

Jonathan Seah - 1 June 2016

You did a great job with the guitar. Thanks!

Chew Beng Huat - 23 May 2016

Thanks to you bro! My lakewood really sounds better now. Great work and keep it up bro. Hope that your skill in guitar will have great improvement and will be there. Once again thanks to you bro!

Arvind Narayanaswamy - 25 March 2016

It's been a full day and some observations from me:


1) The comfort of playing much better, that is I am not concentrating a majority of attention on left hand pressure to get the strings on the fret


2) Still early days but I think this gives me more time to listen to what I am playing Tham focus all on technique at all times


So far so good andI am definitely enjoying it.

Eddy Lim - 26 January 2016

It is refreshing to meet a passionate guitar maker like yourself. I look forward to trying out your hand made guitar one day and perhaps your own boutique retail shop. Ubi is a challenging location for guitar sales! :)


Thanks for your work on my Martin. The first 2 strings sound brighter now. I heard some overtones too. (From Whapps, use with permission)

Marcus Gan - 22 Dec 2015

Thanks Adam! Appreciate the work!

Arthur - 31 Dec 15

guitar sounds great! thanks adam!

Lionel Tan - 15 October 2015

Love your blog! it helped me quite a bit when i was learning to do setups. keep up the good work!


Lionel Tan - 15 October 2015

Tan Li Kai - 4 January 15

Your work rocks

KENNY LOH – 27 Apr 2014

Hi Adam,


I want to express my appreciation on the restoration of two of my prized vintage guitars. The repair on the dislodged bridge on my Lowden auditorium-sized guitar was restored to its original condition with no compromise on the intonation. Because of your attention to detail, there are no telltale signs that the instrument underwent serious "surgery"! I could not be more pleased.


Even though I knew solid body guitars are not your specialty, I was confident enough to hand over to you my Fender Stratocaster for replacement of the electric components frozen over years of inactivity and neglect. That I approached you over more popularly recognized repair shops speaks volumes on my trust in your professionalism in the field of guitar repair. I was pleased as punch when I brought the guitar home yesterday. The Strat looks and feels immaculate.


Many thanks for the fine work on both these babies. I will not hesitate to recommend anyone to you with similar needs.


Best regards,

KENNY LOH – 27 Apr 2014

Jack – 19 Oct 2013

Thank u for you excellent service bro! Can't wait to take it out for spin!



Jack – 19 Oct 2013

Brian – 4 Oct 2013

Thanks Bro. I’m very satisfied with your services. Will surely recommend people to you.



Brian – 4 Oct 2013

Joshua – 30 Oct 2012

"Adam did for me, what no one else could.  He's my main man for finding a right home for my collection of custom guitars.  He should be your main man too!"


Joshua – 30 Oct 2012

Danny – 5 September 2012

Hi Adam


Very good service indeed. You will do well! Many thanks!


Danny – 5 September 2012

Asnah ismail – 14 May 2012

Thanks adam, everything goes smooth adjust the trust rod, the action and all perfect for me and the sound fantastic thanks to u Adam. Nice to deal with u cheers


asnah ismail – 14 May 2012

Nam Jin - 15 July 2011

I have known Adam for many years as a friend. For someone who plays an awesome guitar and shared many hours of guitar chats with me I have witnessed how his passion moved beyond guitar playing to making guitar better aesthetically and acoustically. With an engineering background and a positive attitude to out-do himself (and others when he was younger) it is hard to imagine how guitar restoration and his deep passion for guitar craftsmanship have transformed him to be rather philosophical and yet humble to say the least!


I have recently purchased a used Cort SJ 3 and taken it to Adam for look. After a chat with him the plan was simply to clean up the fret board, change the pins, bridge, saddle and tuners and make the bass more pronounced.  While the first five tasks were easy the latter was no easy feat. Nonetheless Adam delivered and now my jumbo packs a punch. What did he do, I think I will leave it to him to explain to you in his blog or simply go speak to him.

If you have a guitar to be fixed or developed a higher expectation for it you should give Adam a go. As a friend I wasn’t disappointed and I am sure you wouldn’t too.


Nam Jin - 15 July 2011

Jun – 15 June 2011

Hi Adam,


Yes, I have received it yesterday night, and just re-string with new strings. the sound is noticeably more pronounced and loud, can feel the soundboard vibrate more and the action is just nice. Sweet



Jun – 15 June 2011

Hozen – 8 June 2011

Thank you once again Adam. The meeting is really insightful for us and I deeply respect your passion in guitars as well as Jeffery’s knowledge about wood and craving a niche for the Asian makers


Hozen – 8 June 2011

Gabriel Jiang - 2 June 2011

Adam gave me the peace and assurance as i handed my guitar to him to be repaired, and i was so impressed by the job he's done. He did a re-gluing for my cracked guitar neck, and my partly detached bridge and brace. He did a very fine job for a handcrafted bone saddle and nut as well. With a full polish of my guitar thrown in, i am deeply impressed by the care he shows to ALL guitars. Friendly with people, passionate about guitars. I recommended him to all my friends.

Thanks Adam.


Gabriel Jiang - 2 June 2011

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