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Pickups Systems


LR Baggs Anthem

The Award-winning Anthem series, featuring our patented TRU•MIC technology, seamlessly combines a proprietary condenser microphone with our acclaimed Element pickup to deliver the warmth and fidelity of a studio-mic’d guitar anywhere you perform.

SGD $480

w or w/o installation

AdamCHAN Guitars 348.jpg


Is a dual sensors pickup system. It uses a piezo undersaddle stripe and a microphone within the soundhole preamp module. Bass and treble can be independently controlled. Installing the pickup is easy. Its soundhole control preamp eliminates cut of big holes in your guitar. It runs on a CR2032 battery.

SGD $300

w / wo installation

Do note that all pickup installation services include minor set up. Requesting for immediate installation comes with SGD $20 surcharge. If there is a pickup already in your guitar that needs to be remove, the removal fee is $40. Drop off your guitar(s) at GP Workshop for installation.

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