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The DYN-AG6 contact microphone has been specially designed for use with Schertler's MAGNETICO AG6 pickup. Featuring a wide dynamic range and fast transient response, the DYN-AG6 perfectly complements the Magnetico pickup sound from the guitar’s soundhole. Its volume can be directly controlled via the EXT volume pot on the AG6.


Ideal for percussive playing styles, this unique Schertler transducer offers a range of possibilities for both live performance and recording.



Mechanical coupling: Butterworth 2nd order

Nominal impedance: 380 Ohm

Frequency range: from 40 Hz to 12 kHz (+/- 3dB)

Dynamic range: 94 dB

Sensitivity: 20mV/g

Sensitivity on instrument: ca. -25dBm

Circuit mode: Active dynamic transducer

Cable: Unbalanced via mono mini jack.

SGD $154.00

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